Just Got Dumped How To Win Ex Girlfriend Back

Just Got Dumped How To Win Ex Girlfriend Back

Tips On How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Get Back Together With Your Ex Don’t Write Off The Relationship Just Because She Dumped You

Just got dumped by your girlfriend? I am sure you are desperately trying to find out how to get her back. I am going to show you how to get your ex to want and love you again. So, do not write off the relationship yet just because she dumped you, read on and find out how to quickly and get easily win your ex girlfriend back.

First off let’s face it, women can be temperamental creatures with crazy hormones and mood swings. (I know because I am one!)

This can cause major issues in relationships and we often say things that we did not really mean and can not stop!Seriously, she may have just dumped you because of something stupid or annoying that you did (probably without even realizing it) that day. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she hates you or doesn’t want to be with you. However, we are stubborn – Yes even to go as far as to dump someone we love. 

Fact: In three out of every four break ups, it is the woman who does the dumping! 

Fact: Women are also often the most open to re-establishing a relationship.

 You see, when a girl breaks up with you, it is often a very rash decision. Sill, we hate to admit that we were wrong and make the first move to repairing our mistake. 

So, what should you do to get your ex girlfriend back? 

First thing you need to examine and figure out, is what when wrong and how to change it.

If she was bored, you need to spice it up. Maybe she wanted someone who took better care of themselves. So maybe hit the gym and buy some new clothes.On the other hand, are you doing things that cause issues with her personal boundaries – drugs, drinking too much, not spending enough time with her? Can you change? 

Honestly, if you want to get back with your ex girlfriend, you need to show her that you are exactly the kind of person that she wants to be with. If you do not want to change the major things that caused the break up in the first place then it is going to be hard to get her back. 

One way to get her attention is by showing her that you are in demand – often we get really jealous seeing our ex flirting with other girls. We want what other girls have – just look how we love the same clothes, shoes, furniture – well the same goes for guys too.

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How to get your ex girlfriends attention 

Now, you could start dating a few hot girls – that will get her attention! But like I said, be very careful, because for some girls that might just be the final straw.I am one of those girls!

Therefore, a better way may be just a little flirting with girls in her group. Nothing heavy, but enough to show her that other girls like you. When you see your ex with a bunch of her friends, try not to pay attention to her and instead chat to her friends. Spend a little time with them, making them laugh and enjoy your company. This will get her attention – her friends like you, ummm maybe she should too. 

P.S. Take note of how your ex girlfriend reacts to you when there are other people around. If someone puts you down, does she stand up for you? That is a great sign! 

Now I know you are desperate to get back with your ex girlfriend and you may think flirting or ignoring her is going to ruin it for you, but right now, you do not belong to each other. You are her ex so that makes you both independent souls. 

Guys often don’t realize that this power shift is in effect. I know it is hard to do when you are down and depressed about the breakup, but you need to change your behavior patterns towards your ex. 

Believe me; if you want her back then take advantage of this shift in power. When you are around her do not show how down you are feeling. Instead, try to be the guy she wants to be with. Become the in-demand guy that all girls want to date and be a little bit distant with her.     

Do not hound her!

Sending hundreds of text messages telling her she is a bitch for dumping you will not work. It will just reinforce that fact that she was right to have dumped you in the first place. 

Work on being that guy she wants to date.

Maybe if you contact her you could mention that you are going out with a group of friends and invite her to join you all. If this works, do not go the date route of picking her up (unless she insists) but try to meet her there. Do not get upset if she says no. If you have mutual friends, she will soon hear about what a wonderful time you all had and how much fun you were to be around. That of course is provided you acted like the guy she wants – going out with your friends and then getting trashed will not be effective. 

There is a chance that your ex girlfriend has really moved on and really does not want to get back with you. However like I mentioned, we are fickle creatures and in most cases still want to be with our ex, especially when they show us that they really are the one for us. 

So don’t give up. Explore yourself and see if you can become the guy she wants to have as a boyfriend and work on that. 

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Just don’t take too long because there are many other guys out there looking for a great girl like your ex.

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